Functions and tasks of  department

The main tasks of the department are:

  • Keeping records of receipts and use of funds from the off-budget Fund for the Development of Competition (hereinafter referred to as the Fund) under the Committee
  • developing, approving and registrating of staffing tables and budgetary (extrabudgetary) estimates of the central office in the relevant bodies;
  • formatting of complete and reliable nformation on the state and movement of assets, property rights and accounting obligations;
  • generating of accounting information for the purpose of effective management;
  • preparing of financial tax and other reporting.

Department performs the following functions to perform the tasks assigned to it:

  • provides users with complete, reliable, timely financial and other accounting information;
  • keeps records of working capital, liabilities, settlements with employees, income from:

amounts of unreasonably received incomes accrued for violation of the legislation on competition and natural monopolies;

fines levied by the Committee from business entities and their officials for violating the law on competition, natural monopolies and non-compliance with the recommendations of the Committee;

fees charged for prior consent to the merger and accession of business companies, as well as transactions for the acquisition of shares in the authorized capital (fund) of a business company by an individual and a group of persons;

  • Income received from зlacement of fund’s assets on deposits of commercial banks;
  • grants and donations from international institutions and organizations, legal entities and individuals;
  • other sources not prohibited by law.
  • keeps records of expenses for business operations;
  • keeps records of the use of budgetary funds and non-budgetary funds;
  • develops a budget request based on the information provided;
  • draws up the balance sheet of the central office, functioning on financing from the republican state budget and extra-budgetary funds;
  • provides practical, organizational, methodological support, verbal advice to the territorial branches of the Committee within its powers;
  • checks the materials of financial and accounting reports submitted by the territorial departments of the Committee;
  • introduces advanced forms and methods of accounting information based on information and communication technologies;
  • together with the relevant divisions of the central apparatus of the Committee, develops and submits for approval provisions on the promotion of labor, length of service, etc.;
  • develops forecast indicators of income and expenses of the Fund for the next year;
  • draws up an estimate of income and expenses of the fund, if necessary, makes proposals for amending the approved estimate of income and expenses;
  • prepares proposals for increasing income and efficient use of the Fund’s resources;
  • carries out the expenses provided for by this Regulation and regulatory legal acts;
  • draws up a report on the implementation of the fund’s estimate;
  • ensures the submission of a report on the implementation of the Fund’s estimates to the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the manner prescribed by law;
  • performs other functions in accordance with the legislation.