Main tasks and department functions

The main tasks of department include the following:

To examine of impact on competitive environment of draft regulations introduced and adopted by state and economic authorities and local governments that can directly or indirectly restrict competition and violate principles of competition law, and existing regulations, as well as other documents;

To organize work to prevent adoption of decisions restricting competition by state bodies and the commission of such actions;

To make changes and additions to draft legal documents and prepare proposals on inappropriateness of their adoption;

To develope of appropriate proposals for the abolition of legislative acts and decisions of state bodies that have a negative impact on the competitive environment, in accordance with the methodology for assessing the impact of legal acts on competition;

To control of state support to business entities and evaluation of its effectiveness;

To assess of the impact on competition of state aid to economic entities, provided by legal acts, and the study of the actions of state bodies that restrict competition;

To ensure the protection of economic entities within their powers from unlawful decisions of state bodies, actions (inaction) of their officials that violate competition law;

To ensure the effective implementation of the tasks and functions assigned by the Committee by territorial departments and relevant structural divisions;

To improve further of regulatory and legal documents on the development of a competitive environment in the commodity and financial markets in the republic, participate in the development of proposals for the prevention of illegal actions of government bodies and local governments in relation to business entities;

To organize of effective work on consideration of appeals of individuals and legal entities within the time frame and in manner established by the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On appeals of individuals and legal entities”, participate in a direct and open dialogue with the population, recepte of representatives of individuals and legal entities on behalf of the management, including including field visits;

To cooperate effective with the People’s Reception Offices of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, active participate in their activities, ensuring timely and complete consideration of applications from individuals and legal entities received from the Virtual Reception Office of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

To compliant with requirements of the law when working with information constituting a state secret and confidential information;

To work with appeals of individuals and legal entities, determination and implementation, together with officials, of the necessary practical measures based on the information provided on the state of control over performance discipline, determinate, together with officials, of the necessary practical measures to ensure the execution of documents, the execution of which is under control, and consideration of appeals on time;

To take measures to ensure unconditional fulfillment of tasks assigned to management, increasing personal responsibility of employees for achieving set targets.

The department performs the following functions in accordance with tasks assigned to it:

To prepare of proposals for amendments and additions to legislative documents that have a negative impact on the activities of market entities;

To prepare of proposals for the abolition of individual benefits, preferences and amenities that limit the development of competition;

To prepare of materials for submission to the Special Commission of the Committee on Violations of Article 12 and other relevant articles of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Competition”;

To participate in development of draft laws to improve antimonopoly regulation and the development of competition;

To participate in process of developing normative documents of ministries and departments, preventing their negative impact on the competitive environment;

To participate in preparation of analytical reports (reports) on the state of competition and measures taken by the Committee;

To participate in coordination of activities of state bodies and local government bodies, ministries and departments to develop competition and limit monopolistic activities;

To develope of proposals for further improvement of competition policy and development of competition;

To coordinate of the activities of the territorial departments of the Committee on issues included in the duties and functions of the department;

To cooperate with non-governmental non-profit organizations, the media, other institutions of civil society and citizens in performance of tasks assigned to it;

To participate in organization of comprehensive interaction with antimonopoly authorities in foreign states and international organizations in the field of antimonopoly regulation and development of a competitive environment;

To organize of work with appeals of individuals and legal entities;

To manage may perform other functions in accordance with the law.