Work carried out to assess the impact of legislative acts and decisions of state bodies on competitive environment in 2022


In total, in 2022, through the portal and, 2,652 draft normative legal documents (ex-ante) received from government bodies, business entities and local executive authorities were studied for their influence to the competitive environment, the appropriate conclusions of the Committee were issued, of which it was found that 248 (9.4%) drafts contain norms that contradict the requirements of the antimonopoly legislation.

  1. 2156 drafts of regulatory legal acts were submitted to territorial administrations by regional, city, district khokimiyats and territorial divisions of public administration bodies, in 27 cases relevant conclusions were given on the existence of anti-competitive norms.
  2. In total, the Committee and its territorial departments registered 132,049 current (ex-post) regulatory legal acts adopted by 197 local government bodies and government bodies of the republic, and 515,135 other types (minutes of meetings, letters, instructions, etc.) , a total of 647,184 documents were reviewed for compliance with competition law.

According to the results of the research, 521 facts of violation of the law were revealed, as a result of which cases were initiated against 76 local government bodies and 9 regional branches of government bodies (85 in total), as a result, more than 100 documents (decisions, orders and reports) were canceled.

  1. In order to create conditions for equal competition in the economy, remove barriers for new market participants to enter the market, and cancel existing exclusive rights granted to individual business entities, the Committee developed proposals for the cancellation of 13 exclusive rights.

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 8, 2022 No. DP-101, measures were established to liberalize the access of entrepreneurs to 13 markets for goods and services and the abolition of existing exclusive rights, of which, to date, exclusive rights have been canceled for 8 types of activities.

In areas where exclusive rights have been revoked, 206 economic entities have started this activity to date.

In particular, in Carrying out a medical examination of drivers and candidates for drivers -1, Procurement of electrical equipment and devices in a centralized manner – 61, Services for state compulsory personal insurance of persons liable for military service, private and commanding personnel – 42, Services for compulsory state insurance of employees of tax authorities – 42, Services for the supply of agricultural and automobile tires by a single supplier – 49, Storage of petroleum products – 11 business entities are registered.

At the same time, in order to involve the private sector in all sectors of the economy, determine further practical measures for the broad involvement of the private sector in 12 sectors, and terminate existing monopolies by abolishing exclusive rights, the Committee developed a draft Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Directorate  of Assessing the impact of legal acts and decisions of state

authorities on the competitive environment and the effectiveness of state aid


  1. Work carried out by the directorate in the first half of 2023:

Conclusions on the impact of 171 draft regulatory documents (ex-ante) were prepared on the competitive environment received by the Committee through the portal from state and economic authorities and local governments, of which 96 (56.7%) were recognized as norms contrary to the requirements of the law.

In total, an inventory of 86,179 (ex-post) normative legal and other acts adopted by local government bodies and government bodies of the Republic was carried out for compliance with competition laws. Of these, 285 violations of the law were identified.

The Committee initiated 44 cases, in cases of violations of the law, upon completion of 41 cases, a decision and prescription of the Committee were sent and 76 documents were canceled.

In order to develop competition in areas with a high level of monopolization of the economy, attract the private sector to these areas, create equal competitive conditions for the activities of business entities, the Committee developed a draft resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which provides for the abolition of exclusive rights in 13 areas and the establishment of the following practical measures to broadly private sector involvement in these areas.